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Deposit List

Our deposits lists have changed to only adding depositors to a male or female list in the order the deposits come in.  You will be contacted when we have a pup available.   Once we have a litter the depositors will be notified of the picking order of the pups.  If you have passed several times on a litter than you will move over to a floating deposit list and lose your order to pick.

Deposits are made at the bottom of the Puppies/Pricing page

Deposits $800


Wolff (Luna)

Kocinski (Bella)

Mrksic (Illiana)

Meymarian (Luna)

Foncellino (Luna)

Wustrack (pup2)

Zink (Jatina)


Stern (Bella)

Wustrack  (pup2)



Meymarian (Luna)

Foncellino (Luna)